How To Deal With A Damaged Windshield Glass In Your Car


The windshield glass in your car is extremely durable and designed to take some impacts from debris on the road, but it can crack or break if the impact is hard enough. Dealing with a cracked or broken windshield is not difficult, and the auto glass repair company in your area can help you determine if the glass is repairable or if you need to replace it.

Assessing the Damage

Often, a broken windshield starts as a crack that spreads over time because the car was not taken in for windshield repair. If you have a break in the windshield of your car or truck, determining if you need a replacement windshield or if the damage can be repaired is the priority. 

Windshield repair is becoming more common, and the size of the crack that a tech can repair might surprise you. If you can cover the crack in the glass with a dollar bill, it most likely is repairable, but you should have an auto glass repair shop like MS Glass Outlet look at the crack to make a determination about the damage.

Repairing the Glass

Windshield repair uses some special techniques and materials, but when it is done right, you may be hard-pressed to find the spot where the damage was on the glass. The process involves injecting a resin into the crack under pressure and filling the damage completely. When the testing cures, it becomes clear and bonds so well to the original glass that the cracks disappear. 

Small cracks in the glass respond best to the windshield repair process, and cracks on the outside of the glass are the easiest to repair. The entire repair can be completed in a few minutes, and you can drive the car immediately after the repair is made in most cases. In fact, some auto glass repair companies offer mobile repair service if you need it.

Replacing the Glass

If a full windshield replacement is necessary, the auto glass company that you are working with will let you know after the look at the damage. The windshield installation does not take too long for most cars, and if the glass company has the windshield in stock, they may be able to do it the same day for you. 

Windshield replacement is often available in the shop, or the auto glass can come and do the windshield replacement at your home or workplace. You will need to check with the glass company to see if they offer mobile service in your area and if it is faster to bring the car in or have a technician come to you.


15 June 2020

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