Adding A Frameless Shower Enclosure To Your Bathroom


Adding a shower enclosure to your bathroom is one upgrade that can make the bathroom a more functional space while also adding to the appeal of the home. While there are a couple of different types of shower enclosures that you can use, frameless options can offer some important benefits that may give them the edge when it comes time to make a decision for your home.

Reduced Risk Of Leaking

Water leaking out around the shower enclosure can cause major water damage to the floors and walls of the bathroom. Unfortunately, shower enclosures with frames can be especially vulnerable to cause this type of problem as they may have small gaps or other spaces form in them. A frameless shower door will avoid this as it will not have a frame where these small gaps can form. While it can still be possible for these shower enclosures to develop some leaks, this will typically be at a lower risk than shower enclosures with both simple and complex frame designs.

Lower Risk Of Corrosion

Most shower enclosure frames will be made out of some type of metal. This can leave the frame vulnerable to corroding as it is exposed to the hot water from the shower. Eventually, the frame will start to develop fairly extensive corrosion as a result of this exposure. While it may be possible to reverse minor rusting, a shower enclosure frame with extensive or especially deep corrosion may have to be replaced. A frameless shower door is likely to have at least some metal components, such as the hinges on the door and the handle that you use to open and close the door. Yet, minimizing the number of these components susceptible to this damage can be an effective way of extending the life of the shower enclosure.

Support Thicker Glass

The thickness of the glass that makes up the shower enclosure is another factor that will determine the quality of your experience using this enclosure. When the glass for it is too thin, it may be at a greater risk of cracking. Additionally, this thinner glass will be less capable of blocking out loud sounds and noise when may interfere with your showering experience. Without the need for a fairly heavy and bulky frame, you will be able to opt for thicker glass. This may slightly increase the weight of opening and closing the door, but most individuals will find it to be only marginally harder to open.


24 September 2020

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