Does Your Office Get Too Hot In Summer? There Could Be An Easy Solution


As summer approaches you begin to remember all of the wonderful activities it will hopefully bring with it and forget about some of the negatives. One of the most prominent of those negatives being just how hot the inside of your office building can get in the middle of summer. It can seem unusual, especially if other areas of the building like the parking lot or foyer do not heat up as much but there could be a very simple answer: the windows. If your office, like most office spaces these days, has a lot of window space, then it could be heating up your office. 

The Greenhouse Effect

When an office building has a lot of untreated glass windows then exactly the same thing happens inside as would happen in a greenhouse. That is, the heat from the sun is allowed inside and, with no fresh air coming to drag it out, it makes the whole building a lot hotter. Luckily, there is a solution but it is one that not many people know about: commercial window film. If your building does get hot and no amount of air conditioning will cool it down then chances are it was not built with commercial window film in place.

What Is Commercial Window Film?

Commercial window film is a special substance that is applied to the outside of your windows that lessens the amount of sunlight coming in. This substance is seamless and most of the time it is virtually invisible, and you have likely been in many different office buildings that had commercial window film applied without knowing it. It also has a huge benefit in winter, as not only does it stop heat coming in during summer but it stops heat going out in winter, acting as a little bit of insulation on an otherwise clear surface.

Can It Be Tinted More?

If you want your commercial window film to appear more tinted then that is certainly achievable. Window film can be customized to whatever purpose you need, whether that is darker, lighter, thicker, or very thin. All of these often depend on how exposed your office is to the sun during peak hours. A lot of buildings also use commercial window film as a privacy screen to stop nosy onlookers from getting a good view of the work going on inside. Whatever the need, there is a commercial window film for you. 

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12 February 2021

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