4 Things to Remember When Planning a Glass Shower Door Installation Project


Are you planning a bathroom improvement project? It is a great idea to install glass shower doors because they add unique style, depth, and class to various bathroom designs. Unlike bathroom curtains that don't require a lot of consideration, research, and thinking, glass shower doors need attention to details.

Since shower glass doors are relatively pricier and delicate, it is advisable to arm yourself with a few tips that can influence your choice. Below are some critical factors to guide you during the shower door installation.

1. Glass Door Design

Glass shower doors come in a broad range of designs. Framed, frameless, and semi-framed doors are among the popular varieties, and the right option largely depends on your taste and preference. These doors come in frosted, opaque, clear, or textured varieties. The general style of the door should add visual attraction and depth to your bathroom space. You may opt for clear or opaque glass when privacy is in question, depending on how many people use the bathroom.

2. The Space Available 

Before heading out to purchase a glass shower door, it is best to take the measurements of your bathroom. Renovation may hand in the perfect opportunity to create more space. The size of your bathroom can also influence how your ideal shower door should open. For instance, sliding doors are mostly recommended for large bathroom spaces. Swinging doors are an excellent option as long as you have sufficient space to accommodate its swinging mechanism. 

3. Your Budget 

This may not be the most interesting stage when planning for a glass shower door installation, but it's unavoidable. The cost of glass material varies from brand to brand. The thickness, quality, features, and door size determine its price. Glass door installations are delicate and need skilled hands to prevent injuries or property damage. Therefore, you should leave the installation tasks to an expert. You may also want to factor in the labor and logistics costs. 

4. Personal Style 

Your taste and style can define your ultimate selection of the shower door. You could pick accessories such as knobs, rods, and hinges that resemble other features in your bathroom. Explore more shower doors to get a clearer insight into what you would want to replicate in your bathroom. Your contractor can guide you to choose something that doesn't hinder the door's functionality. 

If you are window shopping for glass shower doors available in the market, you could consider the factors discussed above to make the right calls. This will help you plan better and improve your chances of getting the perfect shower door. For more help, contact glass shower door installation companies. 


19 May 2021

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