Why Commission A Glass Shop Drawing Before You Build A New Store?


If you're about to build a new retail store, then you need various plans in place before the project starts. While your basic building plans will include any glass or glazing in the store, you can also pay a consultant to produce a glass and glazing shop drawing.

These drawings outline the position of glass in the build. They also include more detailed information than your regular building plans. For example, they might include engineering information, actual specifications, and a detailed overview of each window or piece of glazing in the building.

What are the advantages of commissioning a glass shop drawing before the start of your project?

Check Your Ideas Will Work

You might have decided on the placement of glass in your building. You might have an idea of window sizes and types. However, you might not have checked that your ideas will fit in with the rest of your plans.

Your basic building plans might only draw out your projected windows and doors. They might not have checked that your glazing plans will work with the rest of the build.

For example, if you don't find out that your windows and doors might need extra support or engineering work until you start work on the building, then you might have increased costs and work delays while you try to fix the problem.

If you have a glass shop drawing, then you and your contractors can check that your plans are accurate and that they will work with your build. If they aren't, then you have time to make changes before you actually start work.

Make Sure Your Orders Are Accurate

You need precise specifications when you order windows, doors, and glass products for your building. If you make a mistake here, then you'll waste money on products that might not fit. Your budget control at the start of the project also won't be accurate. You'll work on estimated rather than true costs.

A glass shop drawing gives you a detailed overview of your glazing needs. You'll get the information you need to order all your glass products to the right sizes and specifications. Your budget will be more accurate.

Get A Smoother Installation

If you have detailed plans, then your glass installation will go much more smoothly. The people who install your glazing will know exactly where everything should go. They'll have complete information about every part of the build.

You'll get a faster and more effective installation. You're less likely to run into problems if people know exactly what they should be doing.

For more information, contact a glass and glazing shop drawing company, such as Architectural Communication & Design.


28 April 2022

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