3 Reasons To Keep Up On Auto Glass Repairs With ADAS Systems


In many modern vehicles, a windshield is no longer simply a pane of glass designed to protect you from road debris and the elements. It's also now a high-tech system that functions as a monitor and housing for sensors and cameras in vehicles with modern ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) systems.

ADAS are often integral parts of the windshield on new vehicles and may include cameras and sensors to assist with blind-spot monitoring, collision avoidance, night-vision systems, GPS, rain sensors, and drowsy-driving alerts. This can make windshield replacement tricky. Here are three reasons to make sure to keep up on auto glass repairs when you have ADAS systems so you can avoid having to replace the entire windshield. 

Replacement Cost

The cost between replacement and repair when it comes to ADAS systems is significant. Replacing a windshield with full ADAS capability can cost as much as $2000 for the most up-to-date models. Repairing a chip or crack, on the other hand, may only cost as much as any regular chip or crack repair on a non-ADAS windshield if a sensor or camera hasn't been compromised by the damage.

Avoid Recalibration

When an ADAS-enabled windshield has to be replaced, there's more to the process than simply replacing the glass. In addition, you must also have the ADAS system recalibrated to factor in the new windshield. This affects several steps.

First, you must have the replacement done at a shop that has the training and certifications to handle the recalibration of the systems according to OEM specs. Secondly, if you must be mobile during this time, you or your insurance will have to cover the cost of a rental car. Finally, you will have to pay to have the system recalibrated. With a repair instead of a replacement, you may be able to avoid the entire recalibration process altogether if the damage hasn't affected those sensors.

Save Time

If you can make sure to have rock chips repaired as soon as they happen, you may be able to avoid many of the problems that arise with replacing ADAS-enabled windshields. One common problem is the additional time it takes to have it done. Since a replacement will require full recalibration, your vehicle may be out of commission for days, not hours, depending on the availability of technicians who are certified to perform ADAS recalibration. A rock chip repair, on the other hand, is often performed in a matter of minutes.

Contact a local auto glass repair service to learn more. 


6 October 2022

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