Three Shower Enclosure Shapes To Consider


A full remodel of your bathroom gives you the chance to do many things, including installing a completely new shower enclosure. If your current shower lacks the size or functionality that you want, this is the perfect time to install your dream shower. One thing you'll want to do is browse the shower enclosures at a local supplier to get a sense of what is available. A particular detail to consider is what shape of shower enclosure you want to have. There are lots of different options on the market, including these three popular shapes.


A lot of shower enclosures are rectangular in shape, which offers a design that works well for many people. It's always important to assess the size of your bathroom. Many rectangular enclosures tend to be large, so they work best in a bathroom that has ample square footage. The size of this type of enclosure makes it easy to enter and exit for someone who may have mobility challenges, as the door space tends to be wide. A large rectangular shower can also work well if you like the idea of showering with your significant other. It's large enough to easily offer multiple shower heads.


If you have a small bathroom and you're looking to keep the shower area as compact as possible — perhaps because you want lots of free space for a jacuzzi tub — you'll want to evaluate the round shower enclosures on the market. While they're available in a few sizes, there are lots that have a small diameter. When you're in such an enclosure, the rounded walls will typically just be just a handful of inches away from your shoulders or elbows. This can be an ideal choice in lots of bathrooms, offering a cozy feel while you shower.

"D" Shape

You'll also see some shower enclosures on the market that have a "D" shape. Typically, you'll position this enclosure so that the flat part of the "D" is against a wall, with the rounded part of the enclosure facing the room. These enclosures are often a little more spacious than round enclosures, and also work well when you want the enclosure to be flat against a wall rather than in a corner. If you're interested in learning more about a shower enclosure in one of these shapes, or perhaps learning about other shapes, visit a local supplier.


17 February 2023

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