Lance Ferguson

Why Commission A Glass Shop Drawing Before You Build A New Store?


If you're about to build a new retail store, then you need various plans in place before the project starts. While your basic building plans will include any glass or glazing in the store, you can also pay a consultant to produce a glass and glazing shop drawing. These drawings outline the position of glass in the build. They also include more detailed information than your regular building plans. For example, they might include engineering information, actual specifications, and a detailed overview of each window or piece of glazing in the building.

28 April 2022

4 Ways You Can Benefit From Professional Windshield Replacement Services


Your car's windshield may seem like a basic part of your vehicle, but it does a lot more than you might realize. It reduces wind resistance by protecting you from the wind as you drive and protects you from hazards, such as debris. Without the windshield, the roof could easily collapse during an accident or rollover and you could suffer extreme injuries. If your windscreen is extremely worn out or has major cracks, it's important to get it replaced as soon as possible, in order to avoid legal issues and ensure your car's safety.

28 April 2022

4 Reasons To Hire An Experienced Glazing Contractor For Commercial Glass Installation


Glass doors, windows, and structures in your business premises add an instant touch of elegance. You can significantly improve curb appeal, enhance sunlight penetration, and reduce lighting costs with glass features in your business premises. So, given the delicate nature of glass, you might need to engage an expert to help you install glass features in your commercial building. The following are some reasons to consider hiring a glazing contractor.

17 March 2022

4 Typical Signs Of A Damaged Window That Needs Repairs


When your window gets damaged, it can be hard to determine whether they need repairs or replacement. Generally, a well-maintained window can serve you for several decades. However, you may need window repair services here and there for various reasons. For instance, you need to call a window repair expert if you notice signs of wear and tear. Here are the warning signs you should watch out for. 1. Water Seeps Through During Rainy Seasons

24 January 2022

Updating Your Bathroom? 3 Reasons To Consider Installing A Glass Shower Door


Whether you have a custom shower or bathtub, you may sometimes not be sure whether you should invest in shower curtains or a glass shower door. However, most people choose glass shower doors because they have a lot of benefits compared to shower curtains. These doors are a little more expensive than the curtains, but they are an incredible addition to your bathroom. So if you plan to remodel your bathroom, it's advisable to install a glass shower door instead of buying new shower curtains, and here are the reasons.

19 November 2021

Auto Glass Repair: 3 Signs That You Should Never Ignore


As a driver, you know that the windshield plays a major role when driving. Without it, you wouldn't be able to fully concentrate on the road due to the strong wind and debris hitting your face. Your car would also not perform as it should due to the drag caused by the pressure imbalance in the cabin. To ensure safety on the road, you need to do all it takes to keep your windshield in good shape.

12 August 2021

How To Know When It’s Time for a Sliding Glass Door Replacement


If you have a sliding glass door in your home that opens to your yard, you should consider having the door replaced if it's giving you certain problems. You might think that you can just live with a faulty sliding glass door, but failing to replace it could make your home less secure and create bigger problems that might eventually make your door impossible to open and close. Here are some telltale signs that it's time for a sliding glass door replacement.

1 July 2021

4 Things to Remember When Planning a Glass Shower Door Installation Project


Are you planning a bathroom improvement project? It is a great idea to install glass shower doors because they add unique style, depth, and class to various bathroom designs. Unlike bathroom curtains that don't require a lot of consideration, research, and thinking, glass shower doors need attention to details. Since shower glass doors are relatively pricier and delicate, it is advisable to arm yourself with a few tips that can influence your choice.

19 May 2021

Why You Shouldn't Attempt DIY But Hire Glass Replacement Professionals


Handling large pieces of glass without requisite training and experience is a recipe for disaster. The most likely scenario is that you will break the glass, causing even more damage. The worst-case scenario is that you could get hurt by shards of glass. It is tempting to attempt DIY glass replacement, especially for home windows. But this is most likely to end badly. It is better to have glass replacement services handle this delicate and risky task.

7 April 2021

Does Your Office Get Too Hot In Summer? There Could Be An Easy Solution


As summer approaches you begin to remember all of the wonderful activities it will hopefully bring with it and forget about some of the negatives. One of the most prominent of those negatives being just how hot the inside of your office building can get in the middle of summer. It can seem unusual, especially if other areas of the building like the parking lot or foyer do not heat up as much but there could be a very simple answer: the windows.

12 February 2021